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Functions of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority

In any bunch of professionals, you can’t miss a rotten few professionals. They are viewed as a disgrace to the whole professional community. In the legal sphere solicitor negligence exist too. Thus the profession needed an independent body to watch over it. The Solicitors Regulatory Authority was formed (SRA).The SRA is directly answerable to the Legal Service Board. The SRA is tasked with regulating solicitors in England and Wales. The number of solicitors in England is over 140,000 while around 12,000 solicitor firms exist. SRA oversees all the activities of the above. Some of its main functions include

  1. It safeguards public interest.

Solicitors are tasked with offering legal services. Most of these services are reserved to them. They include litigation, oaths administration etc. When these services are offered the rights of clients may be infringed. Though solicitor are known to be professionals they make errors too. Some of them may be unwilling to resolve the problem mutually with their clients. If the client is unsatisfied, he is at will to report the matter to the SRA.SRA reviews the issue at hand in a fair just manner. Some clients may forward issues to SRA for malice purposes. SRA knows this well thus it carries independent investigations. If the solicitor is found to have infringed on the rights of the client, action is taken accordingly. SRA does not handle compensation and refund of cash issues between solicitors and customers.

  1. Making justice accessible to all.

In any judicial activities, the hearts of citizens have to be won. It goes a long way in instilling trust in the judicial system. Further the system should be fair, just and over service without discriminating. Thus citizens are willing to forward their cases to be handled by the judiciary. Solicitors fall under the system too.

SRA ensures even distribution of solicitors all over the country. It makes justice accessible to many people at once. In some cases the SRA may post solicitors of its own in remote areas. In some countries when citizens have no trust in the judiciary, they result to mass action. It causes political unrest as witnessed in many countries.

  1. Offer funding to solicitors.

Solicitors are prone to the harsh economy too. In order to start the practice some initial amount of cash is required. For some young solicitors finding the capital is a challenge. SRA is able to source funds and lend loans for start-ups. For established solicitors and chambers, economic recession doesn’t spare them either. In recession period they suffer from inadequate cash. It makes delivery of quality services to clients becomes an issue. SRA steps in the aid with loans and grants too. The loans and grants are repaid as agreed, with a small interest rate on top. This creates a pool of revolving funds.

  1. Increase law literacy levels among citizens.

Most citizens have little or no understanding of the law. The little they know is likely to be poor in quality. SRA carries campaigns, seminars and makes use of many educational channels. By doing the above, they reach and educate a wide number of people.